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Is Zeekrewards Too Hot? A Review by Mark Hall

As I write this review in late June, 2012, I’m seeing a lot of buzz about a small company called Zeek Rewards. When you become an affiliate for Zeek Rewards you can then buy and give away (or resell) packages that are used on their “penny auction” site, zeekler.com.

Please note that this is not like Ebay. It’s more like quibids and in my opinion is more akin to gambling than bidding.

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One thing that concerns me is that the quality of the sites appears rather amateurish… these aren’t professional, polished looking sites. While I realize that the way a site looks isn’t everything, it screams “low budget start-up” when you see such a cheap looking interface on a website.

It looks like there are a lot of reps making some fast money in Zeek, however there have also been some red flags going up with some industry experts. I am by no means an industry expert, but when you are ready to hang your hat and invest years of your life building a company, you need to be 100% certain that this one is going to be around for a while. You also need to make sure that the product is one that you’re passionate about.

It’s natural that companies that become popular very quickly often go through growing pains. So, here would be my advice…. If you are currently in Zeek, proceed with caution. Keep an eye on Rod Cook’s website and I know Troy Dooly over at MLMhelpdesk.com has talked about Zeek extensively.

If you’re not in Zeek yet my gut instinct tells me that this would be a good time to wait a few months and see what happens. As I said previously, when you get ready to invest in growing a home business, you don’t want to get burned. Personally, the addictive nature of penny auction sites isn’t something I’d like to be associated with.

What’s your opinion of Zeek Rewards? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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