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Zeek Shutdown - What Lessons Can We Learn?

Lessons LearnedThis is an excerpt from an email I recently shared with my personal mail list. Please subscribe at the right to stay in touch.

If you follow home business news at all, you’re probably aware that one of the hottest companies of the year, Zeek Rewards was just shut down, being called a $600 million Ponzi scheme.

If you’re involved in Zeek, you know this is no laughing matter, and I think it’s a great time to get you all thinking about the importance of company selection and how you can prevent this from happening to you.

However, that’s not really the reason for this post. I think one of the biggest lessons to come away from the Zeek shutdown is this… a lot of people were sure Zeek was “the one” and that something like this could “never happen to them”.

Companies do come and go, but if you have multiple streams of income, you’re going to be protected should something catastrophic happen to one of your primary streams of income.

This last month, I received checks from Aweber, Magnetic Sponsoring, as well as my MLM Rock Stars commission. That’s the great thing about multiple streams of income!

The other important lesson is that if your client list exists only inside your company back office, you’re in real trouble should you get shut out, or should your company go belly up.

The Zeek reps who have their contacts in their own personal list will find it much easier to move their downline into a new opportunity if they’ve been doing list-building outside of their primary opportunity.

If you haven’t gotten started with MLM Rock Stars yet, this is the time. Fall is absolutely one of the best times to start building your home business as the cooler weather will drive more people back indoors and back to their computers. Back to school expenses and bills from vacation get them thinking about second sources of income, and if they’re in network marketing, they ALWAYS need more leads.

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