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Is Zeek Rewards Being Investigated?

Zeek Rewards Under Investigation?


This post has been getting a lot of visits, so I want to be very clear. Zeek is being investigated by the NC DOJ, but this is not necessarily a bad thing, nor does it mean that a shutdown of the company is imminent. Please see the video at the end of this post for more information.

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The danger with Zeek is that it ultimately gets classified as a “gambling site” and then shut down. However, I think this is unlikely to happen.

I’ve seen a lot of Zeek reps vigorously defend their company – apparently a lot of people are making good money with Zeek. However, it’s critical that you hang your hat in a company that will be around long-term. If you promote a company that ultimately gets shut down, your reputation will be damaged, and that hard-earned monthly check will vanish.

Now, I have also heard reports that there are a lot of people feeding upon the fear of Zeek reps to try to get them to shift into other companies, and that really isn’t right, either. Several MLM Leaders are trying to pull Zeek business builders into their company because a shutdown of Zeek is imminent. (again, this claim is currently unfounded).

Personally, I don’t like Zeek’s business model, but that is just my opinion. Yes, Zeek is being investigated by the North Carolina DOJ, but this could be a positive development for the company as they may get these concerns behind them once and for all. Ultimately you’re going to have to decide if Zeek is worth the risk, but here are some recommendations (and these are valid for any company).

  1. Make sure your company has a good product and a solid business model.
  2. Make sure the company doesn’t use a gimmicky compensation plan.
  3. Make sure you’re building a list and a paycheck OUTSIDE of your primary company.

Number 3 is important because if your only “list” is inside your company replicated websites, and something happens to that business, you’re going to lose your entire list and paycheck! Build multiple streams of residual income and make sure your OWN and CONTROL your prospect list!

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