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Free Attraction Marketing Ebook

Free Attraction Marketing EbookSo you’ve heard about the “magic” of attraction marketing and how it can help you recruit people into your direct downline. Now you’re wondering about getting started with attraction marketing and how you can put the principles taught by Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg, Randy Gage and others to use in your home business.

Learning is the first step, and so if you haven’t, I encourage everyone to checkout and read Magnetic Sponsoring. Of course, maybe you’re on a super tight budget and so you’re looking for attraction marketing articles or maybe even an academy that will help you learn the principles of attraction marketing.

I think a great place to start is by checking out the free ebook and training available as part of the MLM Rock Stars Free Marketing System. Along with industry blogs and other resources, you can spend a little bit of time researching and reading about these methods to put them to work for your business.

We are relational beings, and so it’s important to realize that we will be drawn to people who we view as being experts or people that we can relate to. When you get ready to join your next home business, you’re going to want to join with someone that you can relate to, and someone that you feel will be able to assist you in your quest to build a home business. Attraction marketing shows you how to market YOURSELF, rather than just market a company or a system. Don’t get me wrong, companies are important and I’m a big believer in using automated systems to give you time freedom. However, it’s really critical that you run your own MLM Blog which allows your personality and YOUR personal story to shine through.

If you’re new to MLM, how can you use Attraction Marketing?

Great question and I’m glad you asked it! It’s easier to tell your own personal story when it’s one of success, but even modest milestones can be something you can feature and present to your potential teammates. For example, maybe you’ve recruited 4 people in one month, or maybe you’ve just generated your first 10 leads online. Both of these milestones are something you could celebrate and use to showcase your talents. For example, you can tell your new leads that you just learned how to generate leads online, and are now building your list online for the first time ever… and then tell them you can show them how to do exactly the same thing.

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