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How the Funded Proposal Can Help You Grow Your Network Marketing Business

A funded proposal is simply an “offer” (or proposal) that pays for itself. In other words, when you get your funded proposal working as it should, your leads will actually pay you in order to get added to your list. How is this possible? Glad you asked!

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The key with the MLM funded proposal is to first offer something so that the prospect will want to give you their name, email address and (maybe) their phone. This is the first step in the funded proposal. Once they enter your sales funnel, you provide value (training) and then in return the prospects/leads will purchase items from you to help them reach their goals.

Let’s give a specific example. MLM Rock Stars is a funded proposal system that offers a lead funnel and combines it with step-by-step internet training to show you how to generate leads online. We reach out to struggling network marketers and offer to show them, step-by-step, how to get traffic to their lead funnel. One of the strategies we teach is blogging. In order to blog, you’re going to need web hosting, a domain name, and a blog theme. We then direct our prospects to pick up hosting and their domain through affiliate links which pay a direct commission to their sponsor.

These generic products not only help fund your marketing and advertising, but they also help prequalify your prospects. You see, you don’t want people on your team who aren’t willing to invest in themselves. You want self-starters who recognize when they are being offered something of value and willing to spend a little bit of money in order to learn and grow. These are the team member who will travel to company events and be willing to do what it takes in order to succeed in their business.

Likewise, there will be a large percentage of visitors to your lead funnel system who simply won’t be willing to spend any money, or put forth any effort. If someone isn’t even willing to put their name and email into a website in order to receive a free MLM marketing ebook, they probably aren’t someone you want on your team. This person is not a “go-getter”. This person won’t spend any money on their business, and they won’t ever grow a team. In this case, the funded proposal help you avoid someone who probably isn’t a good prospect for your team. This keeps you from wasting your time!

A good funded proposal is going to help you prequalify your lead and then build trust. The system should also help your leads learn a little bit about you, and help them get to know you personally. Over time, your new prospect will begin to receive your emails and if you are sending them information of value, this will help build rapport.

Network Marketing is a relational business. A funded proposal helps you survive long enough in order to begin the actual work of team building by first getting your name and your picture in front of your prospects.

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