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What is Attraction Marketing?

If you’re working in the home business industry, you’re probably familiar with the term Attraction Marketing. Or possibly you’ve just heard the phrase but you’re not really sure what it means.

I’m not sure who actually coined the phrase, but most people would probably credit Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring with really lighting the attraction marketing fire.

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So, what is Attraction Marketing, and how can it help you generate leads for your home business?

Attraction Marketing is the process of positioning yourself as a leader, usually through blogging or providing tools and training to other network marketers. Attraction Marketing is usually associated with the concept of the funded proposal, although that’s not really a requirement of attraction marketing. What usually is required if you’re going to do attraction marketing is that you’re actively involved in creating some kind of content.

Be a Content Creator

By creating content either through blog posting, video creation, or through the creation of other tools/training and/or systems, you’re able to give people a reason to really investigate you as an individual, and to get them thinking about what it would be like to work with you.

As people discover and explore your content, you want to always include a “call to action”, so that they will want to opt in to your list and receive free training or a free ebook. That allows you to keep in communication with them and hopefully bring them into your team when they are next ready to get started with a new opportunity.

Even if they don’t join your team, you might be able to earn affiliate commissions because they might need one of the tools that you are recommending. This combination of network marketing and affiliate marketing is one of the hallmarks of attraction marketing.

What questions do you have about Attraction Marketing? Please leave me a comment and let me know!

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