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What Exactly IS a MLM Marketing System?

MLM Marketing SystemDid you know that most of the “big time” network marketing professionals are now using external tools to grow their MLM business? For example, have you heard the radio ads for “incomeathome.com”? Did you know that this is a front-ended funded proposal for Herbalife? It’s true. The radio ads lead people to a set of capture pages where they sell “work from home” decision kits. The people who purchase the decision kits help pay for the cost of the radio system.

Those who enroll as Herbalife distributors create additional revenue for the team leaders, who then earn additional income when these downline distributors begin selling and using the products.

This Herbalife team also sells their team members access to tools and training through a custom back office system which generates additional revenue for the team.

You see how all of this works together? The advertising reaches out to a certain demographic – those who are looking to earn some money from home. These people then help fund the lead generation efforts. This is an ideal example of how a MLM Marketing System works. Imagine for a minute that the radio ads for “income at home” asked people to visit a website and sign up as a Herbalife distributor. Do you think they would have the same interest? Probably not. By keeping things generic, you appeal to a broad cross-section of your target market.

This is why marketing a generic MLM lead generation system like MLM Rock Stars can be such a good move for your business. You see, it doesn’t matter what company your target market is in, as long as they are a person who BELIEVES in network marketing, they’re a great person to have on your list.

If they find your emails and assistance to be helpful, over time you’ll become someone who is trusted and respected by them. Remember, we like to do business with those we know, like, and trust. By “leading with value”, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you are a true MLM leader who is going to help them build their own home business, and not just leave them high and dry once they’ve signed up into your primary company.


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