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How to Generate Instant Cash Flow as a MLM Affiliate

MLM Affiliate MarketingThe problem with building a MLM home business is that it takes a long time to get the pipeline full – put another way, most companies pay better long-term than they do short-term. If you’re only making a few dollars per user per month, it’s tough to stay motivated and even worse – it’s hard to cover your business expenses while you grow your team.

One of the way some of the home business leaders like Rob Fore, Ray Higdon, David Wood and others have been able to cover their “startup costs” is to become affiliates of products that pay residual commissions on products.

For example, instead of leading with your primary opportunity, you can lead with generic tools and training like Empower Network, MLSP or MLM Rock Stars. Since these tools will appeal to networkers who virtually anywhere in the buying cycle, you can generate leads, and then promote products that will assist them in their building business efforts. For example, if someone is serious about getting started in network marketing, they will probably need to purchase and read magnetic sponsoring. If they’re ready to build a list, they will need aweber. If they need more leads, they’ll probably be interested in signing up for MLM Rock Stars.

If they’ve had it with their current company and are ready for a change, They’ll be ready to talk to those people whom have helped them build their list and grow their own affiliate checks. You see, by offering tools and training, you can show others how to generate leads and earn commission checks along the way. This is what I mean by “hunting rabbits” vs “hunting elephants”. By earning a lot of small commission checks, you can soon reach the point where you are covering your monthly ad spend.

These “free leads” will help you leverage your success into more success, which then will become your own personal success story. As you earn a few bucks, you can show others how to do the same thing, and before long you’ll have multiple streams of income coming to you, as if by magic, every month.

It’s easy to understand, but at times it IS hard to do. That’s why I am so grateful for the community over at MLM Rock Stars, where we can learn and benefit from the experiences of each other.

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