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What Happened to Excel Communications?

What Happened to Excel Communications?When I was in college in the early 90’s my roommate invited me to an Excel business opportunity meeting at a hotel. Yep, my first “hotel meeting”. My friend went on to become a rep in Excel and did make a little bit of money, but I was busy with other things and decided to take a pass on the excel opportunity. A large reason was because my father was always anti-MLM and so I never really was interested in building a MLM business until I tried living on a teacher’s salary. But that’s another story…

So, what was Excel Communications, and are they still around?

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Excel became famous for several reasons. First of all, they were one of the first companies to apply the MLM business model to something other than household items or weight loss products. The telephone deregulation of the late 80’s made new telecommunications companies a possibility, and Excel decided to use the MLM business model to grow rapidly. And rapidly they did grow!

According to Wikipedia, Excel became the 4th largest long distance carrier in America in 7 years, and became the world’s youngest billion dollar company – hitting that milestone in only 8 years.  One of their reps, a high school coach named Paul Orberson became famous as the world’s first million dollar per month MLM recruit. Yes, Paul was making over One Million dollars per month.

So, what happened to Excel, and are they still around? Actually the company does still exist, you can check out their website over at Excel.com. However, the same environment that allowed for it’s creation was also it’s undoing. You see, as the deregulated communications industry became more and more cut-throat, Excel simply didn’t have the margins to continue paying commissions and to remain competitive. In a world of fungible products such as telecommunications, you’re going to go with the cheapest service, not the one that your brother-in-law is selling.

Can you make money in companies like Excel? You’re eventually going to hit your “warm market wall” in almost any MLM. Even if Excel were a good option, you still are going to have to have a continuous stream of leads in order to be successful. That’s when a funded proposal like MLM Rock Stars becomes so important to your long term success.


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