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Email Solo Ads Explained

An email “solo ad” is simply an advertisement (or offer) that is emailed to someone else’s mailing list, usually for a free or as part of an “email swap”. It’s called a “solo” advertisement because your message is the ONLY message delivered in that email. This means that the recipients of your solo ad will not be seeing other advertisements in the same email.

Like with most other forms of advertising, solos can work well, or they can flop completely depending on several different factors, including the quality of the list, the sales copy, the landing page, etc. I’m going to focus on my experience running solo ads to grow my free attraction marketing system, MLM Rock Stars.

A lot of solos are sold by the number of click, so they’re going to guarantee you’ll get (for example) 500 clicks for $200. The nice thing about this is you know exactly what your cost per click is going to be. However, there is no guarantee of sales or opt-ins.

The good thing about a solo ad is that they don’t take a lot of skill to setup and run. As long as you have access  to a good list, you’ll see a lot of opt-ins come through your autoresponder and hopefully make a few sales. It’s not always profitable, but as long as you experiment with different lists, it can be a good way to grow your list rapidly.

I try to find lists that have allowed advertisements for MLSP or Empower Network in the past, as my system is similar to those two popular lead funnels/marketing systems. Sometimes you’ll find lists that no longer allow MLSP or Empower because their list has seen that offer too many times. When that happens, don’t worry, as MLM Rock Stars is a fairly new system and this definitely works to our advantage.

Most solo ad providers want you to be offering something  for free to your lists, so there again, this works perfectly with MLM Rock Stars as we have a free option for our members that can be pitched to the owner’s list.

It’s kind of ironic that solo ads were popular in the late 90’s and early 2000’s but kind of fell out of favor with the advent of PPC advertising. However, since most home businesses got booted out of Google adwords, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of solo ads.

What has been your experience with solos? Please leave a comment and let me know!

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