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Top 10 MLM Companies for 2012

If you’re reading this post, it’s probably because you’re looking to find and join a new network marketing company. And it really doesn’t matter if this is your first company or your 50th company, it’s a big decision. After all, you’re looking to invest hundreds of dollars in order to get started.

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Before we get to the top 10, let’s discuss something first…. Does it really matter who the top 10 are? There are actually a lot of different ways to rate and rank companies. Top 10 based upon sales? Top 10 based upon growth? Top 10 based upon popularity?

Actually, the best company is one that you have the best success in. Let me say that again. The #1 MLM company is the one that helps you build a full time income.

The next thing you need to consider is that it doesn’t matter if the company is the world’s #1 company if you can’t make any money in it! That’s why a lead system like MLM Rock Stars is an absolute necessity. It will help you generate qualified prospects for your home business.

OK, with all of that out of the way, here is Mark Hall’s list of the top 10 companies. In writing this article, I came across several lists, many of which were very dated. I decided to use NPRO’s list of top companies based by INTEREST. It also helps that most of these are big established companies.

Top 10 MLM Companies for 2012
(Based upon Interest)

  1. Avon
  2. Beachbody
  3. Mary Kay Cosmetics
  4. Herbalife International
  5. Pampered Chef
  6. Amway
  7. Melaleuca
  8. Thirty-One
  9. Scentsy
  10. Zeek Rewards – As you probably know,  Zeek is no longer among the living, but it was red hot in 2012…)

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