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Ann Seig’s 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing

7 Great Lies of Network Marketing - A ReviewHere’s my review of the Seven Great Lies ebook. I’ll do my best to keep this one short…

Yep, you should check it out. In fact, if you look around you can get it for free by opting in to someone’s website. Basically Ann’s book is part of a funded proposal system called the “Renegade Network Marketer”. The ebook is the carrot to get you to opt in, and then their marketing system is the “upsell” on the back end.

Now, please don’t get me wrong. There’s nothing wrong with such a system. In fact, if you didn’t know already, these types of “funded proposals” have become the de facto standard for building your own personal mailing list online over the past few years. They work well, and if you’re patient and willing to spend some time and money such a system will help you build your business.

There are other similar systems around, in fact the system over at MLM Rock Stars was inspired by Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring ebook along with Ann Sieg’s Renegade Network Marketer. If you’re new to network marketing, you can learn a thing or two from Ann’s book. If you’re an experienced network marketer, check out the Ebook along with the Renegade Marketing system and then analyze it’s working parts so you can really understand what goes into a successful funded proposal system.

Also keep in mind that any such system like this will not work unless you use it, and unless you send a volume of traffic into the top of the funnel. Two or three visitors per day won’t cut it. Another reason I use MLM Rock Stars is that their funnel is free to get started with, and you can use their training modules to learn how to drive traffic. Very cool.

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P.P.S. - This is the EXACT BLUEPRINT I used to hit the leaderboards over at Magnetic Sponsoring. YES, THAT Magnetic Sponsoring!

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