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Should You Join A Pre-Launch Network Marketing Company?

Pre Launch MLM CompanyNetwork Marketing can be a wacky industry. Don’t get me wrong, I love it… where else can you get a complete “business in a box” for a few hundred dollars with virtually an unlimited upside? One of the things I never understood, however, was all of the people who are absolutely obsessed with joining the next pre-launch network marketing company.

What Are the Dangers of a Pre-Launch?

Anytime you join and get started in a new company, it takes a considerable amount of time, energy, and money to get your team growing. The danger with a pre-launch is that they have a horrible track record. Over at Npros, there’s a page of recently deceased MLM companies. Why would you risk spending so much effort building a company that may not be around in six months?

A lot of people think that by getting in early, they’re taking advantage of a “ground floor opportunity” that they don’t dare miss out on. This is a myth, as it’s easy to find people who have recently joined even older companies like Herbalife or Amway and gone on to make substantial incomes. There are always people entering and leaving our industry. There’s also always someone looking for a new company.

When Is It The Best Time to Join A New MLM?

I don’t have any problem with you joining a fairly young company, but I do recommend that you do your homework and make sure that the company founders actually know what they’re doing and received “adult supervision” when designing the company’s compensation plan. Comp plans are one of the most difficult things for new companies to get right, especially if it’s an inexperienced “garage company” that doesn’t have any real-world experience designing compensation plans.

Regardless of which company you ultimately join, you’re going to need a way to tap into a stream of endless, qualified leads for your MLM. I suggest you check out this free attraction marketing system… you’ll be glad that you did.

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