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Should you Buy Business Opportunity Leads?

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not a fan of purchasing business opportunity leads. I know there have been a few guys out there like Todd Falcone and even Rob Fore (In his early years) who built virtual empires by purchasing leads and spending days calling them up. However, for most people, I think purchasing bizop leads isn’t worth the frustration… and here’s why.

My top 5 reason for not purchasing Business Opportunity Leads

1.)    They’re expensive. Remember, whoever is generating the leads must make a profit, so they’re probably purchasing advertising online, and then marking the cost of the lead up when they sell it to you.

2.)    They’re sold multiple times. Even the “exclusive” bizop leads are sold multiple times.

3.)    Your success rate is low. Imagine calling 20 or 30 people and being told “no” 30 times in a row. Most of us simply can’t handle rejection at that level.

4.)    It’s discouraging. Very few people can spend the money and go through the expense of purchasing lead over and over again without becoming very discouraged.

And finally, reason #5

5.)    It’s not duplicable. Why? Even if you could build a stellar downline by purchasing and calling leads out of the cold, almost no one in you downline will be able to stomach this.

What’s the alternative? I think the easiest and best way is to get your team in the habit of blogging, with each blog post followed up with a clear call to action that will direct them into a funded proposal like MLM Rock Stars. This is less expensive, allows for more automation, and I think ultimately will be a lot more fun.

You see, when your team members get their own personal blog up, they will see progress. When they get their first few clicks, more measurable progress, and then when they generate their first leads, and then their first commissions, more measurable progress. They key is to keep making small steps towards your ultimate goals.


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