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Network Marketing Leads

Network Marketing Lead FunnelIt doesn’t take long before a new network marketing rep begins to ask his upline “Where can I purchase leads for my network marketing business?” This is actually something I know quite a bit about because I actually built and ran a lead generation site for Herbalife distributors called Herbal-Leads. The site is still up and you can see it here, if you’d like to verify what I’m telling you.

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Basically, what you do is run advertisements that are geared towards your target market (either retail or recruiting leads), and then you do your best to validate the information, resell the leads, and try to make a little bit of profit along the way.  But I will tell you this, it’s an ugly business and it’s a hard way to make a buck. It also is very discouraging for your customers and honestly, I think there’s a much better way to generate quality leads for your home business.

The reason it’s such an ugly business is because most reps really don’t know how to work with leads, and they really can’t handle the reality of low conversion rates that are typical with an online business. You see, if you’re selling leads your customers will expect every lead to result in a purchase.  The reality of the situation is that this just doesn’t happen. You would be lucky to get 10% of your leads to purchase something. Do you really think the average Herbalife distributor would talk to 100 people in order to sell maybe 10 items?

The best long term solution to generating leads to run your prospects through an automated lead funnel like the one I created over at MLM Rock Stars, and let automation close most of your prospects for you. If you’re using a blog to generate leads, this is even better as your prospects will learn a little bit about you and be more comfortable with you when you call them up or send them an email. We love to do business with friends, but hate to be sold by a pushy “salesman”. See the difference? Someone who searches for an answer to a question and finds your blog is going to be grateful to you. If they see you’re offering them free tools and training, they will gladly sign up and then you have a “warm lead” you can work with rather than try to call someone who’s already had their info sold to 5 other people.

This is why I now generate my own leads and can show you how to do the same thing!

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