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Stiforp Review

My Stiforp ReviewStiforp is one of those oddities in our industry. Is it a lead generation tool, or is it a standalone MLM company?  Actually, it’s both. On their lead capture pages they tell you that it can be used as a system to build any home business, so in that respect, it’s a series of lead capture pages similar to MLSP or MLM Rock Stars. However, since they pay out on multiple levels (they use a 2×14 forced matrix), it’s actually a stand-alone MLM Company. Heck, they’re even listed on Npros. How much does Stiforp cost? The monthly is a very affordable $9.95 per month.

Should you use Stiforp to generate leads? Well, maybe. You see, personally I don’t like using lead generation systems that are also stand alone companies, as I think this can become a distraction. Your funded proposal system should be a tool that you use to build your primary MLM. If your lead capture page becomes a multi-level business, that’s going to pull a lot of people into this “weird place” where they want to promote the lead funnel as a product to sell itself. Your funded proposal becomes your product, which in my opinion becomes dangerously close to a Ponzi scheme. Now, please don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that Stiforp is a Ponzi. Not at all, but I think you should use a funded proposal to sell your primary, not to sell your funded proposal. I hope I was clear on that!

The other thing that concerns me about Stiforp is that many MLM companies prohibit you from participating in multiple MLM’s at the same time. So if you’re in a company like Herbalife that prohibits this, you can’t use Stiforp without jeopardizing your Herbalife distributorship. This is why products like MLSP, Magnetic Sponsoring, and MLM Rock Stars only pay out on one level. These products are single-level affiliate products rather than multi-level companies.

Finally, the comp plan concerns me slightly, as a forced matrix is a little bit of a gimmick, in my opinion. Daren Falter points out that very few companies ever survive the matrix compensation plan. The only exception to this rule are usually companies that are very wide and very deep. Since Stiporf is a 2 x 14 I would actually expect it to perform a lot like a binary. Again, I’m not saying that Stiporf is definitely a scam because of the 2×14 forced matrix, but it’s definitely something I would investigate thoroughly before joining.  Of course I’m partial to MLM Rock Stars because it is the world’s only FREE Attraction Marketing System!

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