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MLM Rock Stars PRO Service Review

MLM Rock Stars ReviewI talk a lot about why you want to grow your home business by using a funded proposal to generate your own leads. You’ve also probably noticed that I end most of my posts with a clear “call to action” and encourage you to check out the FREE mlm lead funnel that is available over at MLM Rock Stars. To my knowledge, this is the world’s only FREE Attraction Marketing system!

However, I think it’s worthwhile for me to spend just a little bit of time and explain why I think the MLM Rock Stars PRO Service is worth your consideration.

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Here are just a few reasons why you should use this as your primary lead funnel.

  1. It’s super easy to use. Alright, you caught me… the free service is easy to use also, but the PRO service is about the easiest lead capture system you’ll ever setup. You can literally be up and running in less than 10 minutes.
  2. It integrates with Aweber. Internet Marketing 101 teaches that you need to be building YOUR list and getting prospects on YOUR OWN list. That way you can talk to them whenever you’d like, and contact them with your own training and webinar announcements, on demand.
  3. You can customize the free Ebook. The free service allows you to give away a nice free ebook to your prospects. This is a good way to encourage people to opt-in. The pro service lets you customize this ebook to say whatever you’d like. You can customize parts of it, or you can write your own ebook from scratch and give away through the MLM Rock Stars system. How cool is that?
  4. You can earn 50% revenue commissions on anyone whom you refer. Other systems usually only pay out 20 or 25%. Our system pays a 50% revenue share, plus since the monthly fees are lower (more on this in a minute) you will find it easier to get your leads to try the pro service.
  5. It’s dirt cheap. If you look at all of the value that is provided with the MLM Rock Stars service, I think you’ll find that it’s a true bargain at only $14.95 per month.

Thanks for reading this post. If you haven’t yet tested the Rock Stars Marketing system for yourself, I hope you found this review helpful!

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