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MLM Recruiting on Facebook?

MLM Recruiting on FacebookA couple of years ago I signed up for a new primary company (MLM) that for now shall remain nameless (I’m not actively building my primary right now).

My recruiting strategy was actually very simple. I promoted my company’s USP (Unique Selling Proposition) via some ads on FB and then sent the traffic directly to my company’s replicated recruiting site. My ad targeted network marketers exclusively and then I personally called every lead I generated and invited them to sit in on a company webinar.

I did this daily and personally sponsored 4 people into my primary company in thirty days. The cost was higher than I would care to admit (I was pretty sloppy with my FB budget and didn’t split test ads). At the time, I viewed this is a grand experiment and was actually pretty happy with the results. This experiment led me to my first draft of the MLM Ebook which I promote over at MLM Rock Stars and my original intent was to get people to look beyond the short-term and focus on their long-term goals. In other words, I’m willing to lose money short-term in order to build a long-term residual income.

So, to answer your question, yes it IS possible to recruit directly from FB.

However, I did it all wrong an wouldn’t recommend that you use the same FB Recruiting Strategies that I used. I would have done much better had I first directed my leads into a funded proposal system like the one over a MLM Rock Stars. By doing this, I would still generate leads, but I’d be able to earn a check from people even if they don’t join you in your primary company. You can then work with the best that your system brings to you and skim the cream off of the top and recruit them into your primary.

Facebook can also be a great way to connect with like-minded individuals who are a good fit for you and your primary opportunity. This doesn’t cost you a dime to do, and you can actually connect with a lot of people on Facebook or twitter, introduce yourself to them, and then when the timing is right direct them to your rock stars capture page. Make sure you do this with the right attitude and don’t be a spammer!

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P.P.S. - This is the EXACT BLUEPRINT I used to hit the leaderboards over at Magnetic Sponsoring. YES, THAT Magnetic Sponsoring!

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