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MLM List Building for Beginners

List building is all about finding qualified prospects for your network marketing or home business, and then feeding them a constant drip of information. All of your communications with your prospects need to have a targeted “call to action” prompting them to do something specific to learn more or to take the “next step”. Over time, your pipeline will “fill up” and eventually you’ll have a nice stream of new enrollees coming through your system.

But how do you get started building your own list? First of all, when I’m talking about building your MLM list, I’m talking about a list of prospects that is stored in a third party mailer such as aweber. I’m a huge fan of automation, so I want my new leads to be automatically served a steady stream of emails from my aweber account (so I don’t have to). Of course I jump in and send them personal updates and messages when I need to, but you want to make sure that you are taking advantage of your autoresponder also.

So, let’s assume you have no list at all, and now you’d like to start building your own list of prospects. How do you get started? I think the most powerful way to build a list is to make sure your prospects don’t feel like they’re being sold something. Offer them some free training, a free ebook, or something else of value that they WANT to receive. Ask them to “opt-in” and sign up in order to receive the free information. By getting them to “raise their hand”, you’re receiving their permission to start sending them a sequence of emails. Of course if they don’t find your content compelling, they will quickly “unsubscribe” so you need to make sure you are definitely leading with value.

As I began prospecting for my primary opportunity, I found that there really weren’t a lot of good systems out there to help you build your list. Company products tend to be a little bland, and a lot of the third party list-building lead funnels are either too complicated or too expensive (or both). After doing full time recruiting and prospecting for a month, I decided to put my recruiting on hold while I built my own free attraction marketing system to help you build your list.

It’s called MLM Rock Stars, and you’ll find some information about it here. I think you’ll find it a great way to build your own list, and everything is explained for you on the inside…

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