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Mike Dillard’s Black Belt Recruiting – A Review by Mark Hall

Mike Dillard Black Belt Recruiting ReviewMy first experience with calling leads I generated online wasn’t pretty. I was always scared that someone would actually answer the phone, and when they DID answer, I never really knew what to say.

Even worse, I’m pretty sure I had some red hot leads that I was unable to close because I didn’t know how to move the conversation from “sounds like a neat opportunity” to “ok, let’s get you started”.

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Eventually I got better, but only after working through Mark Hoverson’s training and Black Belt Recruiting was I ever able to completely get over my “fear of the phone”. If you’re going to learn how to close MLM leads on the phone, you’re going to have to deal with your phone paranoia as well.

You can download a free 60 minute training video just by opting in over at the black belt recruiting site, so I encourage you to do that. When you purchase black belt recruiting, you receive a six disk set and a workbook that helps you address the fundamental problems that are holding you back in your recruiting business.

Let me add my disclaimer to this discussion… if you think you can purchase “genealogy lists” or “mlm leads” from some lead broker and then use these strategies to call and close leads, I can tell you that you’re probably going to be pretty disappointed with your results. I encourage you to generate your own fresh leads using a system such as MLM Rock Stars in order to really get the most from your training.

Once you purchase and download the Black Belt Recruiting PDF and audio files, you’ll be well on your way to being a much more effective business owner. If you’re here because you’re looking for a free download of Black Belt Recruiting, I’m afraid there’s really no ethical way to do that. Of course I should point out that Mike Dillard is excellent about giving refunds for his products so if your purchase it and then later don’t think it was worth the money, you can easily get a refund from the team over at Magnetic Sponsoring.

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