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Beachbody Company Review

Mark's Beachbody ReviewBeachbody is the company that is behind a lot of the hottest fitness products around. Their flagship product is almost certainly P90X, which you’ve seen with Tony Horton on the long-running infomercials. Their other well-known products are Insanity and Hip Hop Abs.

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Beachbody Company History

This company was started by it’s founders over a decade ago. As you proably guessed, they first sold through TV and telemarketing before launching their MLM distribution model in 2007.

Is Beachbody A Good MLM?

If you’re looking for a fitness based MLM, Beachbody could be a good choice for you.  Of course you need to be in fantastic physical condition and good at sales and marketing. You also need to be aware that you’re basically competing against your own parent company because they still sell on infomercials and the Internet.

How Can I Generate Leads for my Beachbody Business

But the bigger concern you’re going to need to address is how you’re going to generate leads for Beachbody. I’m not just talking about customer leads (those will be easy) – but if you’re looking for talented business-builders to help you grow your downline, you’re going to eventually exhaust your warm market. Once you’ve done that, you need to learn how to generate your own leads online… leads that are perfect for your Beachbody MLM opportunity.

The system I use helps you locate professional MLM business builders and then begin building relationships online. Of course the great thing about an MLM opportunity like Beachbody is that the startup costs are extremely low when compared to a traditional franchise.

There you have it, my Beachbody review. If you think becoming a Beachbody coach is right for you, I also suggest you check out this free system which can help you generate a ton of free leads for your business.

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