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Increase Traffic to Your MLM Blog

Got Traffic?I talk a lot about generating MLM leads on my site. In fact, that’s the sole reason for its existence.

Without leads, your business will wither. Without a lead funnel to process your leads, you won’t have any way to process those leads and turn them into business builders.

However, without TRAFFIC to your blog, both of these activities will be futile. Let’s go over the basic pattern one more time.

  1. A “struggling” network marketer seeks out an answer online.
  2. This prospect finds valuable information on your blog in one of your blog posts.
  3. Prospect then follows “call to action” and comes into your lead funnel.
  4. Prospect/Lead now is on your mail list, and possibly purchases something you recommend, earning you a commission. OR, they sign up for the funded proposal system you’re using, thus earning you a monthly affiliate check.
  5. Prospect gets acquainted with you, and then maybe even joins you in your primary opportunity.

As you can see, this chain of events starts with our prospect finding your blog online. What do we need to do to make sure that happens?

The keys to traffic on a blog are content, consistency, and “community”. (OK, community is kind of a stretch, but I needed three “C’s”!)

Let’s talk about each in turn. Content – this is what you’re writing about. Make sure that you put yourself in the shoes of the struggling network marketer and ask the questions that he is asking:

  • How can I generate more leads online?
  • What do I do when my warm market is exhausted?
  • Etc. etc. etc….

Answer these questions, and you’re well on your way. The second part of my “three C’s” formula is consistency. That means make sure you’re writing relevant content on a regular schedule. My initial goal was 100 blog posts in 100 days. Tough? Yes. Worth it? Definitely.

I really feel that the search engines are now rewarding original consistent content. Strive to write high quality articles about your home business on a regular basis. Don’t outsource your writing or spin other people’s content.

The last ingredient is “community”. You want to use social media and other blogs to get people commenting and posting links back to your blog posts.  Keep adding new content and then getting others to notice it through social interaction and relevant quality citations from other related blogs.

Exactly how I do this is explained in detail in the blog training over at MLM Rock Stars.

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