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How Much Does Empower Network REALLY Cost?

Empower Network ReviewEmpower Network launched into the MLM mainstream in October of 2011, and not since MLSP has there been such buzz over a marketing system. What is Empower Network, and is it a good system for you to be promoting? What exactly is Empower Network, and can it help you build a full time income from home? Well, that all depends….

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What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a lead funnel/blogging system. It was designed by David Wood and David Sharpe, and has become extremely popular. You really can’t visit a MLM blog or site without seeing Empower Network advertisements in the sidebar, and everyone telling you how you can get 100% commissions using this “revolutionary system”. When you join, you get access to their capture pages and blogging system so you can create content and hopefully have some of your blog posts rank in the search engines.

How Much Does It Cost?

This is where things get a little confusing. The $25 blog then leads to a $100 per month “inner circle” training program. This brings your monthly total up to $125 per month. There are also some one-time add-ons (additional training) which range from $250 to $500 (one time). You also need a payment processor, which costs $19.95 (they use ewallet). So if you want to make money with Empower, you’re looking at a minimum of $45 per month.

Can You Really Earn 100% Commissions?

Well, sort of. You do receive 100% of the people you directly refer to Empower. However, part of those payments PASS UP to the person who brought you into Empower. It gets a little confusing, but basically if you referred 10 people to Empower Network, you have to pass 3 of those up to your sponsor.

What are the Disadvantages of Empower Network?

In my opinion, there are two big drawbacks to Empower. First, you’re adding content and helping someone else get traffic to their domain. I really think you would be branding yourself and building up your own blog, not helping drive traffic to someone else. You’re really promoting the system creators rather than promoting yourself!

Second, at $45 per month, you’re going to see a lot of attrition. Sure, some people will pay the money, but unless someone starts earning money quickly with EN, you’re going to see them drop off after a month or two when their spouse finds out they’ve been shelling $50 per month out to some guy in Costa Rica.

Finally, I think that Empower Network has been seen by so many reps now that the new has kind of “wore off”. I know of some ad networks and solo ad providers who won’t let you promote Empower on their system because it’s been seen so many times. I’m not saying that everyone has seen it, and that there are no more people out there who will purchase empower, but it’s definitely a little bit harder to sell than it was six months ago.

Are there any good alternatives to Empower Network?

I’m glad  you asked! I’m using a system called MLM Rock Stars. The great thing about the Rock Stars system is that the training is included in the system and doesn’t cost you anything extra. Also, the monthly price is only $14.95. If you’re on a really tight budget, there’s also a cool little “free service” that allows you to try things out without spending any money. This is the only free alternative to Empower Network that I’m familiar with. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did!

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