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Mr. Mom

Mr. Mom

I just read an article about the growth in “stay at home dads” because of the economy. There are lots of families out there where Mom is now the primary wage earner and it makes more sense for Dad to say home with the kiddos.

I was a full time “work at home dad” for over 5 years (and will be at home again full time in a year or so), so I have some experience in this arena. First, I wanted to talk about the psychological implications of Dad being at home, and then I wanted to give Dad a couple of ideas for earning some income at home.

Not to be sexist here, but I’m pretty much “old school” when it comes to my family. In general, men derive a lot of their self-worth from their role as provider. If you’re at home because you WANT to be, that’s great, but if you’re home just because your wife has a college degree and you don’t, you might want to consider getting back into the workplace as quickly as you can. WORK is good. It’s what you were created to do. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still be a loving, nurturing father, but if you’re just at home because it’s more COMFORTABLE to be home, you’d better get over it. It’s time to start taking care of your family. End Rant.

Ok, that doesn’t mean that you have to have a traditional 9-5 job in order to provide for your family. I currently work at home half-time building my home business, while at the same time I’m half-time at the local school district as the network admin. For now, it works well while I rebuild part of my home business that took a hit during the recession.

If you’re looking for some home business ideas, here are a couple worth investigating:

1.) If you have tech skills, check out Odesk. Maybe you can pick up some freelance work online. Home PC repair is what I turned to when things went south. It’s a great skill to learn and can open the doors to a new IT career.

2.) Network Marketing – If you’re good with people, and are extremely determined, you can build a great income in this industry IF you know the tricks.

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3.) Don’t be afraid to break a sweat. If all you can do to earn some extra money is mowing lawns, get out there and do it. The work will be good for you, and you’ll earn some extra money in the process.

Having a good daily routine is important when you’re living in an unstructured world. During the worst of the great recession, I spent a lot of type running and working out. It was a great way to work off some frustration. I wouldn’t have made it through without a lot of exercise and prayer. Good luck out there!

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