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Network Marketing has a really bad reputation in some circles because so many of the reps in our industry simply don’t make any money. It doesn’t help that there is so much potential and promise within MLM that it tends to attract the “get rich quick crowd”, you know – the ones who jump in and out of each breakthrough ground-level startup company with the hopes if hitting it big.

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A lot of this could be overcome if we could just make sure we represent the industry well. The main thing that would help if all new reps, regardless of which company they were in, were required to complete a “work at home” bootcamp which would teach them how to get started in the industry without burning out.

Such a training program should teach new recruits that running a home business is just as hard as a “real job”. In fact, if you do it right, it’s even harder. You have to call people, connect with people, and you face constant rejection. Most people simply can’t handle it. They burn out, quit, and blame their company.

However, if you are determined, and if you can learn how to generate your own highly qualified stream of leads for your business, the game changes dramatically. You see, once you figure out how to get leads coming through the pipeline, it gets a lot easier.

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