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MLM Leads from Google Places

Google Places TrainingI received a great email from one of the members of MLM Rock Stars yesterday. He was super-excited about the Google places training that we provide. He provided this feedback on our Google local training, as well as a great testimonial for MLM Rock Stars. Any emphasis added is mine…


I just wanted to let you know how valuable your approach is – as if you didn’t know.

The video on setting up local gave me a few days of study in getting not just Google (with their new G+ integration) but also Bing and Yahoo, as well as the score or more of citations you give in that video.

This is obviously a 2nd line of income, as you mention in the email.

The results from this one video is what prompted this reply – great results, immediately.

I’d suggest you give a text file as well, with those citations in it. The 2 which worked best for me (showed up almost immediately in the top 10 spots for Google) were manta.com and merchantcircle.com – manta has a ton of backlinks you can give yourself, as well as images and video’s you can link.

A note is to creatively name your business to have a good keyword in it. I found that “shaklee vitamins missouri” was entirely populated by the local search companies, but all quickly disappeared once my company “Shaklee Vitamins Missouri” was registered with all the local-search providers (better SEO). Just had to make sure the address and name on the website aligned. Once you go through the Google+/Local application, you have all the data you need (create a text file and keep this handy for cut and paste) to fill out the rest.

Now I’m hard at work building a backend with the affiliate links and email autoresponder series (or as Perry Marshall calls it, a “maze”). But I’ll be onto the ads shortly as well, something which is its own research.

Your take on and expansion of Dillard’s work is a great improvement on the funded proposal idea. Glad I signed up for the “pro” version. Just taking my time to rebuild my own backend to take full advantage of it. Thankfully, at your low price, it’s affordable while I do.

I did check out MLSP meanwhile and found that yours is a far better business model – easier to use and more understandable. An associate of mine went the MLSP route and got 3 leads in 2 months. He’s missing the basics that you and Dillard cover. (I’ll clue him in as I can…)

Looking forward to more work with this, and a way to make my own MLM program actually work for me. Lots of hard work between here and there, but that’s nothing new. At least now I know where that tunnel-light is coming from.

Thanks again.


Robert is talking about the free Google places training over at MLM Rock Stars. In this training I point out that Google places training can be a great way to not just rank for your local home business, but also to offer the same service to others and make a nice side income.
Exactly how I do this is explained in detail in the blog training over at MLM Rock Stars.

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Comments (2)

  1. Robert Worstell Says:

    August 18th, 2012 at 8:14 pm


    Thanks for the kind words about my testimonial. I’m busy building my own site now and digesting all you’ve laid out (quite a bit). There’s some more work ahead, but this is giving new hope for that primary opportunity I’ve been part of – but more that I can now help people openhandedly to succeed, because of this business model. Thanks again. PS. You’re blog is great!

  2. Mark Hall Says:

    August 20th, 2012 at 12:07 am


    Thanks again for YOUR encouragement! Glad you’ve found value in my system. Please stay in touch.


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