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Free MLSP Alternative

MLM Lead System Pro

Over the past few years, MLSP (also known as “My Lead System Pro” or “MLM Lead System Pro”) has popped up everyplace. You really can’t do a search for a company name or network marketing professional without running into a MLSP capture page.

However, there are a lot of users in MLSP who have discovered one major drawback to this service – the monthly cost. In fact, MLSP can cost $50 or $100 per month to use it. In this review, I’m going to tell you the good things about MLSP, as well as what I perceive as some major negatives with this service. I’m also going to point you to some low-cost and free alternatives to My Lead System Pro.

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MLSP Information

Developed by Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer, and Brian Fanale in late 2008, MLSP has drawn praise for its features and the weekly training webinars which they have amassed into a huge training library. Before MLSP came long, you had to basically learn HTML and some coding (or hire this done) in order to build your own branded capture pages. With just a couple of hours of setup, MLSP allowed you to create your own branded capture pages for your home business.

Their funded proposal returns 20% of the net revenue from any sales you generate back to you in the form of commissions. They also made “attraction marketing” a household word (Ok, that was Mike Dillard), but the easy creation of a “branded funded proposal system” such as MLSP really lit the attraction marketing world on fire. Without a doubt, without MLSP we wouldn’t see the growth in the industry that we have.

Also, their weekly training webinars are extremely high quality, and really valuable for newbies in particular. However, some of the latest webinars have been thinly veiled upsells to more expensive products. Upsells are fine, and I have no problem paying for good quality information. But many MLM reps have pretty tight budgets and it’s difficult for some of us to scrape together an extra $100 each month to buy a new training product.

Here’s my video review of MLSP

What’s wrong with MLSP?

Here are the biggest problems with MLSP.

  1. Turnover is high.
  2. Its pricey.

Let’s talk about each of these in turn, starting with #2. At $50 per month, you’re asking the average Joe to fork over a big chunk of his marketing dollar. Since it can be difficult to get into the black with a costly lead funnel, you’ll see a lot of your new team members lose interest and cancel before they can really start to gain some traction. This leads to the high turnover rate seen inside MLSP.

If you’re looking for a lot of quality training, by all means check out MLSP, and devour their training info. Once you get your feet wet, you really should consider developing your own system, or moving to an alternative system that costs less, such as the PRO service at MLM Rock Stars ($14.95 per month).

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