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Facebook Blocks Empower Network?

Empower Network Facebook BanEarly on August 6th, empower network reps woke up to find out that they can no longer post links to their Empower Network blogs on the world’s most popular social network. Does this mean that Facebook has banned empower network? When I first read this my thought was that Facebook advertising had banned Empower landing pages from their PPC network. However, after doing some more research it seems that they only banned links to Empower from facebook posts. Facebook PPC is still wide open.

So, is this a negative for Empower network, or will Empower just continue growing?

It’s hard to tell. My first concern is that if Facebook has flagged EN as a “work from home” scam of some kind, a ban from Facebook PPC may not be far behind. If you will recall, Google slapped most work from home sites/capture pages out of Google Adwords PPC a while ago…  this forced a lot of those using PPC advertising to jump to MSN adcenter (low volume) or Facebook PPC (quirky approval rules).

However, this really makes me think that the key to lead generation from here on out is going to be a combination of blogging for leads, along with PPC and some good ol-fashioned solo ads.

If you’re using Empower and happy with it, I suggest you investigate using your own blog, sending your traffic there, and then directing your visitors to your empower capture pages from there. The other alternative is to consider using one of those “under the radar” lead capture sites like the one available over at MLM Rock Stars.

If you think Empower is overpriced, or you’re not happy with it for some other reason, this gives you one more reason to consider making the switch from Empower to MLM Rock Stars. If you didn’t hear already, MLM Rock Stars offers free lead capture site along with integrated affiliate links and training on network marketing lead generation through their training modules.


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