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Generating Leads with Article Marketing

Does Article Marketing Still Work?I’m a big believer in having traffic come to your site from multiple sources. You don’t want to be at the mercy of any single source of traffic for your leads. During the “heyday” of Article Marketing, lots of gurus were teaching you to post your articles on “authority sites” like ezinearticles in order to drive traffic to your lead capture page. Does this still work in 2012? The answer is a definitive “sometimes”.

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You see, this used to work so well because a lot of the article directories were high pagerank “authority sites” that would easily pop to the top in Google with just a few backlinks. However, with Google’s Panda update in 2011, most of the major article directories took a major hit and the methods used to rank these articles stopped working as well.

Google devalued these sites because there was so much mediocre content being placed on them and it was kind of a traffic loophole that people were taking advantage of. Myself included. Now, back to our original question – can you still use articles for traffic?

Yes, you can, as long as the articles are original, high quality, and you’re pursuing a “long tail” keyword that can still rank easily in the search engines. However, I wouldn’t recommend placing too many original articles on article directories exclusively. You’d be better served by placing those articles on your personal website or blog first, and then after a few weeks adding a rewritten version on an article directory. Note that I didn’t say a “spun” article. Those are ones that are “rewritten” by software and the end result isn’t too hot.

In my opinion Google is getting a lot better at detecting this spun content and is going to be placing more and more value on unique, original content. The technology to detect “real articles” and “autogenerated garbage” has been around for a while, and I personally think Google and the other major search engines are going to be placing a higher value on real content in the future. Besides, if you’re really writing for people, you really should be placing quality content on your blog anyhow.

So, when else should you use article directories? They could be used for a source of secondary (or tertiary) backlinks, or you might use them if you haven’t launched your own personal blog yet, but I would get my own blog up and running as quickly as possible.

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