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What are the best lead generation websites?

Lead Generation Capture Page ExampleIf you’re reading this post, it shows you’re serious about building your home business, mlm, or network marketing company. I’m glad you stopped by. You see, the key to succeeding in a home business is to generate an insane number of leads and then follow up with them using a combination of automated follow-up plus good old fashioned human interaction.

But, how can you get these leads, can you purchase them, or should you generate your own?

I’ve talked a lot in previous posts about how purchasing leads doesn’t normally work out the way that people expect it to, and that this is one of the most discouraging things you can do with your advertising dollars. It’s not impossible, but it’s not fun, either.

If you’re going to generate your own leads, you have to build lead capture pages, or purchase a third party set of capture pages that are already developed for you by someone else. The problem with building your own is that you’re basically reinventing the wheel. Why to go all of that trouble when someone can give you a “ready to go” set of capture pages with a proven response rate?

On the other hand, when thousands of people are using the same capture pages, they tend to lose their effectiveness. I’m talking specifically about the capture pages from Empower Network or MLSP. These are great products, but if you don’t’ customize them, you run the risk of your prospects seeing the same capture pages presented by dozens of different MLM reps.

I think the solution is to find one of those “hidden gems”, the kind of lead generation website that is effective, yet not quite as well-known as some of the bigger players. I’m talking about MLM Rock Stars. Rock stars is the only lead generation system for home business owners that is completely free to get started with, and if you step up to the PRO service, you’re still saving over $30 per month when you compare it to the more well-known systems.

It’s important to point out that none of these lead capture pages will work unless YOU do. You must drive traffic to your lead generation website, and once you’ve done that, you must make sure you have a good follow-up system in place…. That’s when the magic starts to happen.

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