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Why You Need A Network Marketing Blog

Since Google has slapped most of the home business owners out of Adwords, it seems like everyone has either retreated to Facebook PPC or blogging to generate leads. Have you considered starting a blog for your home business? Are you wondering if it’s worth the hassle and expense? Really, why DO network marketers need their own blog? Here are my top 7 reason why you need your own MLM blog.

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  1. Your Readers Get to Know You – As we all know, people like to do business with other people that they know, like, and trust. Which lead is going to be more responsive? One that has seen your picture and read your story online, or a lead who has never heard your name before?
  2. You Can Generate Free Leads – OK, blogging can be a real pain in the butt, but once you get the hang of things and if you are ending your blog posts with a clear “call to action”, you can certainly generate a stream of free leads for your home business.
  3. You Can Monetize It and Earn Affiliate Commissions – This isn’t the main reason you want to blog, but you can recommend products and companies on your website and at least cover some of your expenses by promoting products to your readers.
  4. It Helps You Brand YOU, INC – Companies come and go… search engine algorithms change. Make sure you have carved out your own reader list and your own valuable real estate online by creating a blog that’s full of quality content and helps your readers get to know YOU.
  5. Allows You to Share Training – As you learn and begin to build a team, you’re going to want to have a convenient palace to share this information with your downline (and your prospective team members). Blogs are super easy to update.
  6. Helps Keep YOU Engaged – If you’re doing a program that teaches you how to blog for lead generation (such as the one over at MLM Rock Stars), setting a clear goal and then working daily to reach it can help keep you on track. If you want to build up traffic, shoot for 90 posts in 90 days, or 100 posts in 100 days. As you begin to rack up the posts and as you see your traffic begin to grow, you’ll begin to see the benefits and your motivation will increase.
  7. It’s Fun! – Well, some days are more fun than others. However, it’s very gratifying to see comments appear on your MLM blog, and to see your traffic slowly and steadily climbing up. Persistence is the key!!

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